Thursday, 16 January 2014

Groups on the train and refreshment requirements

A number of meetings in the past week to review our visitor numbers and in particular to look at our group business. We had 100 more groups this year than 2 years ago which was our last record year. With over 360 groups, this works out at 2 groups for every day we are running, but of course it never works out like that! The leaning is towards groups visiting us midweek. Looking to 2014, we have already had over 100 enquiries so it looks like another bumper year. That is great news from an income point of view, but as many of these groups wish to include refreshments such as cream teas as part of their visit, we are struggling to find enough volunteers to serve them. But we don't want to turn good business away. When you realise that a full coach brings 53 visitors and each will pay about £18 to include refreshments, the income is considerable. Do you know of anyone who could help serving buffets on the trains? It's just a few hours in the middle of the day and is great fun. Please let Richard Summers or me know and please don't ignore this request - it's income like this that is paying for many of our other hobbies on the railway. Colin Fewell

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