Saturday, 21 December 2013

Planning ahead...

The Board have now agreed my new role and I thought that I would let you know what you can expect in the coming months. With recognition of my planning skills and my experience with the company as the longest serving member of the current Board, I have been asked to take on the portfolio of Resource Planning.

In brief, the role involves working with all departments across the railway to determine what actions are required to extend and develop the railway and then document these in the form of detailed development plans. This process will be undertaken in close consultation with all department heads and with many other members of staff. Therefore, your departments can expect visits from me in the coming weeks and months. Before then, I will be in touch with department heads to start gathering information on what planning is already in place and to capture current thinking on development that will support the growth and extension of the railway.

The planning process is very complex and will therefore be both challenging and time consuming. Given that work on the Broadway extension has already commenced, the timescale for analysis and detailed planning to ensure the support of the existing railway whilst at the same time rising to the challenge of opening the extension is rather short. We must ensure that we are ready to deliver a sustainable operation over the extended railway when Broadway opens.

Based on the above, I would like to invite any existing volunteers who have an interest in detailed planning to come forward to join a small planning group. The purpose of creating a group is to make this process inclusive for those who are interested in helping to map-out the strategic development of the company. The strategic objectives will not be determined by this group, those will be set by the Board. The planning group will determine what must be done in order to achieve those objectives and inform the Board accordingly. This information will enable realistic timescales to be set, taking into account the need for additional volunteers, training, investment in infrastructure and other resources. It will involve capturing existing information, validating it through close working with the relevant departments, documenting, identifying dependencies and identifying the critical path with an assessment of the risks to delivering the plan.

If you are interested in supporting the planning process, either at your departmental level or in a wider role, please get in touch. The only prerequisites are that you must be computer literate with strong experience of e-mail and Microsoft Excel as well as having some previous planning experience.

Thank you

Richard Drewitt
Resource Planning Director

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  1. I have received a tremendous amount of responses and also a number of positive comments. Thank you to all those who have contacted me. I now have more than enough volunteers to form a planning group and therefore must discourage further applications in order to prevent disappointment. Sorry, if you didn't reply in time. It is good to know that we have so many volunteers with professional backgrounds who are prepared to give further time to assist the railway.

    Richard Drewitt