Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cotswolds Tourism Awards 2014

As a fitting conclusion to our most successful year ever, I have received confirmation that we have won the silver prize in the 2014 Cotswolds Tourism Awards - in the Tourism experience of the year category. A press release will be issued by Cotswolds.com (and ourselves) and the results will be announced in the January edition of Cotswolds Life Colin Fewell


  1. Fantastic news, out of interest, do we know who pipped us to the post; an attraction better than the gwsr must be worth a visit if it's beaten us!

  2. Well done indeed to the GWSR for winning this prestigious award. proof that the hard work and investment post-Gotherington and Chicken Curve is paying off.

    Regarding the Tourism Awards, there are several categories; a quick search seems to indicate that the gold prize was won by the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford, but I can't find the complete list on the Web, yet.

    1. In our category the Gold was Cotswold Vintage Tours. Full list at http://www.cotswolds.com/membership/cotswold-tourism-awards