Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bridges to Broadway

We are off to a tremendous start

As of close of play on Wednesday 9th shares to the value of £45,000 have been purchased

This is in the context that most received their Offer Document on Thursday or Friday of last week

The Shares Hotline is 01242 621905 if you want an Offer Document or have a question

Every penny raised by this Offer will go towards the Railway reaching Broadway and if you are a tax payer, purchases qualify for 30% tax relief



  1. Fantastic news, well done to everyone involved, that's enough money for the peasebrook farm bridge already, will work be starting soon then!? I must compliment the brochure, it is a lovely document, love the front cover. being a youf, I can't really do a lot financially, but I have been spreading the word in various places, and of course helping create some first class carriages for when we get to broadway!

  2. I believe we have about 3700 members. If just half of those would buy the minimum allocation it will raise £185,000 - over a third of the target. Come on folks - it's our Railway so we should set the pace. If you're still dithering, get that cheque book out !

  3. The public web site has the application form buried two pages beneath the news item and the download of the forms is down the bottom of the page.

    May I suggest that you bump up the form to the home pages with a catchy headline?

    PS I have applied for 200 shares.