Friday, 18 October 2013

Bridges to Broadway share appeal off to a flying start!!!!!!

Bridges to Broadway share appeal off to a flying start!!!!!!

I’m sure all volunteers will be delighted to know that, including cheques in today’s post, Friday 18th October, our share offer has reached £143,000! That’s a fantastic amount only 19 days after the appeal’s launch.

Furthermore, the November editions of the two magazines in which we have editorials and advertisements, Steam Railway and Railway Magazine, have only just hit the streets and we are beginning to receiving requests for the share issue document from their readers. Judging by the enthusiastic response in the past from their readers and the railway public we should all be getting excited that a major element of the railway’s key objective of reaching Broadway is getting very real!

Those of you who have subscribed before the last couple of days should have received your share certificates and travel vouchers as we are meeting our commitment of having these in shareholder’s hands within 10 working days.

Stand by for further updates!


Chris Bristow



  1. Just to let you know that indeed we received our certificate and ticket complementarities in double quick time so pass on my congratulations to the hard working staff please.

  2. any news as to when and what work will be starting work, as there is a significant sum of money to get cracking with? Just thought though, winter mainenance first, so perhaps work will start in the new season?

  3. Alex,
    Winter maintenance is all planned and some significant work too. This is all secured out of existing budgets.

    We are now working up the schedules for B2B and discussed the order and sequencing at Board last night. I will hopefully summarise in a Blog item in a few days as there is a significant amount of planning and development with Highways etc., amongst others to now move forward with.

    Darren Fairley

  4. Ahh, I understood that discussion was held a little while ago, don't want to appear to be rushing you!