Thursday, 8 August 2013

Evening rail cruises

Just to let you know we had 33 paying visitors last Friday and 12 free children. Not a bad start
Colin Fewell


  1. There were many more than 55 passengers on the service on Friday 9th August, so presumably the quoted figure refers to Friday 2nd August?

    I suggest that somebody from the commercial department writes to The Gloucestershire Echo and asks for a correction to their recent article which states that this service departs Cheltenham (not Toddington) at 1900 on Fridays. This is a significant detail that could lead to a number of disgruntled people at CRC on Friday night.

    1. There were 88 this past Friday - the 9th. I contacted the Echo who were less than interested in making a correction. I am on local radio tomorrow the 14th and will mention it then

  2. We travelled on the Friday evening train last week (23rd August) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Turnaround of refreshments at Winchcombe was very well done.

    One suggestion for you to consider - could you keep the carriage lights OFF (apart from in the tunnel)? On the last leg back to Toddington, with the lights on, the windows became mirrors and we could not see out at all.