Monday, 4 June 2018

Visitor numbers to the end of May

The massive increase in visitor numbers since we opened to Broadway  shows how important this extension is to our line, and is a reward to every volunteer who put in so much hard work to make it happen.
Overall, the total number of passengers who  travelled with us on service trains up to the end of May  has grown to over 40,000 as against 26,000 last year. The most spectacular increase was the May Day weekend where our numbers more than double last year's total.
April and May are always very busy months with not only our Wartime in the Cotswolds weekend, our bricks event, the real ale weekend  and most recently our fabulous  steam gala all of which produced record numbers of visitors.
What is clear from analysing the figures is that passengers are now, more than ever, using our railway to "get somewhere" rather than use it for a round trip. Just look at the numbers getting on at Toddington or Winchcombe who are travelling to Broadway for lunch and shopping and you can see what has changed.
As always, thanks are due to all the volunteers who not only made this happen but are now facing the "marauding masses" on a daily basis. We are going through exciting times
Colin Fewell
Commercial Director


  1. Fantastic news!
    Hopefully the increased income will be able to fund completion of Platform 2 and the footbridge at Broadway in 2019?

  2. When is this going to be updated?

    1. That is the eternal question on this blog; just look at the number of posts in the first year and how it has since tailed off. A shame because I thought it was a really good idea when it started.