Tuesday, 25 April 2017


It's always difficult to compare visitor numbers at this time of year as Easter can have a marked effect. We have found in the past that we benefit from an early Easter as presumably the public is at last glad to get out of the house. Easter in April however seems to have the opposite effect.

So, looking at our visitor numbers, on our "normal days" we are ever so slightly down on last year. However the Wartime weekend was a tremendous success. Over last weekend we saw 1600 paying visitors on the Saturday and 1400 on the Sunday. When you add to that the 250 re-enactors (who also pay but at a lower rate) then the final total is on a day to day basis in excess of our traditionally biggest special event - the steam gala. And from all I heard at the weekend it is set to grow again next year with lots of positive comments. Thanks to the organising group for all their hard work - it was well worth while.
Colin Fewell

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