Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Broadway the last mile share issue - update on Wednesday 20 April 2016

Dear Supporters of the GWSR,

It is now two weeks since the share issue launch event and also since the share issue document arrived at shareholders' homes in the post.

I am delighted to report that, as of today, the receipts total a little over £350,000 - that's fantastic for the first two weeks!

Managers involved with the share issue met today to discuss and agree actions to keep the share offer in the public eye and therefore to keep the funds flowing. I'll expand on this in future blog postings.

If the funds keep on coming in at this rate we should be able to bring forward our planned 2016 purchase of rail. This is important as laying the track is on the critical path to opening in 2018 and anything we can do to help Permanent Way's activities make an opening at the start of the season more likely to be achieved.

So let's celebrate getting £350,000 in two weeks and concentrate on getting the other £900,000 needed!

Thanks for your support,


Chris Bristow
GWSR Finance Director

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  1. great news , have we sent Mailshot out to our supplier company contacts to get their support , they should invest in the GWR ,john M.