Thursday, 24 March 2016

GWSR Broadway the last mile share offer goes live!

Dear Supporters of our Railway,

Broadway - the last mile share issue

On behalf of the GWSR PLC Board I am pleased to announce our 2016 share issue will go live tomorrow on 25 March 2016! The objective is to generate the £1,250,000 we need to get us into Broadway in 2018.

The share issue document is available today, 24 March, from the Information or Administration Offices at Toddington. Existing shareholders and those that have filed in the flyer requesting a copy will get their copies in the next few days through the mail. To get a copy mailed to you, if you cannot visit Toddington, please call the railway on 01242 621905 or email

In addition, from 25 March the share application form will be available on the website,, and shortly after that the document itself will be available to download but, as it is 36 pages, I strongly suggest you contact the railway and get a copy mailed to you!

The share issue document itself sets out to demonstrate the railway's unique commitment amongst large heritage railways to volunteering and heritage.

I have been largely responsible for its format and, through the helicopter photographs taken on 5 September 2015, in addition to the twin themes mentioned above, I have tried to give new and unique views of the railway and all its stations and significant line features as of that date.

I hope you will find the document a compelling request for financial support to help us to reach Broadway. I'm sure with the help of our shareholders, member, volunteers and a supportive public we will achieve our goals, so please contribute if you can!

In closing, I should remind everyone that the share issue is supported by the HMRC enterprise investment scheme (EIS) where by UK tax payers receive a 30% tax credit, i.e. for every £100 invested you get £30 off your tax bill. The railway provides you with the necessary HMRC paperwork to achieve this and the process is indeed straightforward. Of course, there are all the normal attractive travel benefits for shareholders.

With the tax year end rapidly approaching (5 April 2016) to take advantage of the EIS scheme for the tax year 2015/16 now is the time to invest in the GWSR!

Happy Easter!


Chris Bristow
GWSR Finance Director

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