Monday, 28 December 2015

Santa Specials

I'm just surfacing again after a hectic month so can at last let you know how it went. There really isn't any bad news! We had another record santa season with almost 9500 visitors - up over 10% in two years -  and interestingly 38% were children - is exactly the same percentage as the past three years.  We gave each child 2 presents so you can work out how many presents we handed out in total, and of course added to that were hundreds of baby presents.

Because our toy supplier needs approximate numbers now for 2016 (as he is flying off to China and India in the early new year to place orders), we have already made a provisional order for a further increased number as allowing for the  calendar it looks as if we are in store for another record year.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with (so far) only one e mail of complaint and lots of "thank you" emails, letters and cards. Have a look at Tripadvisor for more comments. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic support

Colin Fewell


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are not supporting British manufacturing, is there no company is Britain who could supply you?
    Gordon Smith

  2. sadly there have been no big UK toy producers for over 30 years as the Toy market moved to the Far East for low cost manufacturing source and USA initiated this with companies like Fisher Price and Mattell, still major brand leaders .

    Happily for the GWR ,We source amazing Presents for the children which they love to receive and that's why we continue to be so popular as parents revisit the GWR Santa specials for up to 5 years with their children.

    QED and a happy new year to all the helpers who work so hard . john M.

  3. if you bought UK toys the tickets would cost 3 times as much ,most Toys have been made in the Far East for over 30 years The one's we source are exceptional value and appreciated by our visitors which is why so many return again and again .

    john mayell ex Toy co. employee.

  4. If there was any toy company in the UK , the cost would be 10 times and prohibitive as the World of Toys has sourced from the Far East for over 30 years led by USA brands like Fisher Price and Mattell .(I was in the Toy trade exporting for some years).

    Our Santa Specials are so popular thanks to the Presents and Volunteer effort which is why families keep coming back for many years . QED john Mayell