Friday, 25 September 2015

Vacancies on the GWRT Board

Firstly the GWRT Board wish to thank Steve Sperring and David Locke for their hard work and dedication to the posts of Fundraising Director and Communications Officer. We wish Steve and David good luck as they move to far flung places.

These moves create two vacant volunteer positions on the GWRT Board, one of which will be a Director position and one an Office position. The exact mix of these posts will be agreed in discussions with the candidates. Both positions are expected to attend Board meetings.

If you are interested in being considered for either position please send your name, contact details and application letter to Maxine Barton-Hawkins, GWRT Company Secretary, Toddington Railway Station, Toddington, Glos GL54 5DT or email by Friday 6th November 2015.

If you have any questions regarding either position contact Glyn Cornish, GWRT Chairman, or Maxine Barton-Hawkins,

Role Description: Communications Director/Officer
Purpose of Job: To ensure prompt and accurate dissemination/reception of information concerning the GWRT via a number of channels both electronic and paper based. You will be expected to attend Board meetings on a monthly basis.
Reports to: GWRT Board
Co-operation: Editor of Cornishman, Heads of Departments, Editor of Volunteer Newsletter, Web Master, GWSR Plc. Directors and the Development Foundation Manager
Supervises: Editors of all Official GWRT publications

Main Responsibilities:
To organise the establishment of communication channels (electronic and paper based) for the dissemination/reception of information to members, volunteers, and the public

To encourage the provision of information for publication about the GWRT and its activities from all sources

To create and maintain procedures to ensure the accuracy of information supplied to the members, volunteers and public

To manage any person providing official information to the members, volunteers or public on behalf of the GWRT

To establish and maintain links with outside organisations and the media to publicise and encourage participation in meeting the aims of the GWRT.

Must be a member of the GWRT and hold a current Work Permit for the period of the appointment. While not essential having worked or volunteered in an equivalent role would be an advantage.

 Role Description: Fundraising Officer/Director
 Purpose of Job: To facilitate the raising of funds to further the objectives of the GWR Trust
 Reports to: GWRT Board
 Co-operation: GWRT Chairman, Development Foundation Manager

 Main Responsibilities:
Devise fundraising events and schemes in order to secure funds for the Trust to further its objectives.

Manage the organisation of such events and schemes including materials, volunteer staff, publicity and administration.

Manage and oversee any existing fundraising schemes and to periodically ensure they are still relevant and effective.

Manage, update and keep accurate records for the on-line auction site.

Liaise with members of the public when items are donated to the railway, to assess such items given for sale and if necessary liaise with the Museum Director if an item is better suited to the museum rather than sale.

Provide monthly reports to the board and attend monthly board meetings and the AGM.

Liaise with the GWR Development Foundation Manager to avoid conflict of activities.

Manage in co-operation with the GWR Development Foundation Manager, all applications for Grant Aid with outside bodies.
Must be member of the GWRT and hold a current Work Permit for the period of the appointment. While not essential a proven track record in fundraising would be an advantage.

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