Friday, 21 August 2015

New BG Arrival

If you have ridden the railway recently you may have noticed a newly arrived modified BG in Winchcombe yard. This is an ex-RES high security BG obtained for eventual use by the Permanent Way Dept - after a suitable spruce up and repaint. It is fitted with roller shutters and will be a very useful addition with its easy access doors and spacious interior. It was obtained at a very good price.

The big surprise came when it was opened for inspection on its arrival. It revealed an extensive collection of crockery, cutlery, glassware and cooking utensils. Clearly a restaurant car stock had been cleared and stored in this vehicle without the owner realising that it was about to make the journey to the GWR, We are currently contacting the owner to see if they would like it back. We rather hope not as it would be a very useful addition to our OTC needs for the third rake of coaches when we open to Broadway!

Alan Bielby


  1. English please, just what is a BG ?!!

  2. English please, just what is a BG ?!!

    BG= Full brake. i.e. No passenger seating.


    BSO= Brake second open 2+2 seating as per TSO in 5 bays 1 set double doors in van area

    BSK=Brake second corridor as per SK 4 compartments 2 sets of double doors in van area.

    BFK= Brake first corridor as per FK 4 compartments 1 set double doors

    BCK= Brake Composite Corridor 3 Standard compartments and 2 1st Compartments

    Anything with K = Corridor