Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Visitor numbers 2014

It is very difficult to give the exact number of visitors last year - group numbers vary amongst other things - but the best number I can come up with is 83,500. This is less than 2013 by a few percentage points but is still a brilliant total.  In 2013 (when we were over 20% up on the previous best year), we benefitted from enthusiasts and local people coming back to see the newly re-opened line, we also ran during the February half term, and we had a 4 day steam gala rather than 3  in 2014. You will also no doubt remember the appalling weather we experienced in the spring that reduced numbers at the Wartime event and the Steam gala.  Please also bear in mind if you compare our figures with other railways, some of them record the number of single trips whereas I am referring to the total number of visitors.
Colin Fewell

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