Saturday, 17 January 2015

The 2014 Santa Specials

A brief note on this as I will send out a more detailed Volunteer announcement later.
2014 was our best Santa Special season ever for a number of reasons. 
First, we saw 9350 visitors - an 8% increase on our previous record year 2013.
Secondly I want to emphasise that the railway couldn't have done this without the tremendous support from so many volunteers - working in every department. I won't single out any particular person or department but suffice it to say that our success is down to everyone contributing in the right spirit. We were told so many times that the atmosphere and professionalism at the railway made this such a great event.
Thirdly whilst our visitor numbers were at an all time high, the number of complaints - we always get some - were at an all time low. 
And finally because of our record number of visitors, we were able to make a very substantial profit for the railway to help with our aim to get to Broadway for 2018.
Colin Fewell


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