Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bridges to Broadway Share Issue

Sorry for the delay in giving an update - I have been waiting to see how this last month has contributed. However I am very pleased to tell you that we have passed the £500k mark on the share issue and, with supporting donations, are comfortably past this target. This is just as well as followers of the Bridges blog will have read about additional corrosion - on bridges 1 and 2 and particularly at Bridge 4 which is of different design to the others and as a result showed some totally unexpected corrosion at the critical end positions.

We are still waiting for the final summation of the costs so please take advantage of  the last few days of the very attractive and tax efficient share offer as all share income not spent on the bridges will immediately go towards the purchase of rail to allow the start of track laying north from Laverton. The single biggest cost item is the rail and we are pursuing acquisition now with a view to starting work in the spring once the winter closed season track repairs are completed.

Alan Bielby


  1. Good to see an update. Whilst I can understand not wishing to necessarily publicise achieving the target too soon, as it can result in donations suddenly tailing off, I do share the concern expressed in comments to previous posts that the frequency of updates to the Boardroom Blog has reduced somewhat. As an example, we used to get frequent (monthly) updates on passenger numbers and trading generally. As a monthly contributor to the Development Foundation, the type of information that the Blog gives, together with its frequency and how up to date it is, was important in engaging with me and encouraging me to make the commitment to the Foundation. So please don't underestimate the importance of regular communication.

  2. It is good that we have achieved our original aim and hope we can progress even further in gaining funds.