Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bridges to Broadway Share Issue Status at 30 July 2014

Dear All,

I expect most of you will have seen the exciting pictures on the blog of the work taking place on our bridges!

We are now at the end of the second month of a work programme which should take our contractors, George Law Ltd., about 6 months. John Balderstone is managing the project for us so don't forget to complement him on the good work he's doing when you see him.

Our Bridges to Broadway Share Issue has gone very well but we are not quite there yet. As of today we are at £458,000, only £42,000 short of our target of £500,000. To all those who have already subscribed may I offer a big THANK YOU!

We have only 90 days to go before the offer closes on 31st October so if you are considering investing now is the time!

You may have heard me say this before, but many of my friends and neighbours who are not natural railway enthusiasts, have been happy to subscribe for shares because they believe in the preservation of this country's heritage and the living museum we are creating. I would, therefore, suggest that if you give the Bridges to Broadway document to your friends and neighbours you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive nature of their response. If nothing else the document, which is available from the information office at Toddington or from me, is a nice souvenir.

Before I close, I should just make it clear that the railway has sufficient funds to cover any shortfall in receipts from the share issue, so there is no question of the work not being completed but, as I'm sure you understand, if we have to divert funds to the bridges project then other planned expenditure on our railway will have to wait.

With your help we can get to the £500,000 target!

Kind regards,



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