Friday, 27 June 2014

GWSR Plc AGM on Thursday 26th June

My thanks go to everyone who attended. The highlight of the meeting was the appointments to the Plc Board with 8 people standing for the 5 vacant posts. With numbers of shares held being an important factor in the voting, a full poll was conducted combining the proxy votes received in advance and the votes of those attending (who had not previously submitted their proxies). The counting process took some time but was completed by 9.30pm.

For those who could not stay that long and for all others who were not able to attend, the results are - in descending order:

Darren Fairley - 455,144
Richard Johnson - 437,120
Lee Alibone - 426,345
Chris Sparks - 380,699
Colin Fewell - 338,028

Alan Miller - 233,900
Bill Britton - 179,101
Bernard Dudfield - 104,745

My congratulations to the five successful candidates (three re-elections and two new members) and I welcome Richard Johnson and Lee Alibone as new members of the Board.

I also thank the three unsuccessful candidates for being prepared to offer themselves as potential Board members.

We have a lot planned for the coming year so all the Board members will be kept very busy. Please keep us informed of anything that you think may affect either the current operations or our potential future planning - we can only be as useful as your support allows!

Alan Bielby

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